Snoezelen Room – Controlled multi-sensory stimulation therapy

What is Snoezelen

The meaning of the word “Snoezelen” is a combination of two Dutch words “snuffelen” – to seek out/explore and “doezelen” – to doze/snooze.

The word expresses the combination between the sensory stimulation that awakens activity in the child and the relaxing, quiet atmosphere of the room.

The role of the therapist is to give the child sensory stimulation in a controlled way within a pleasant and safe environment in order to find the right balance for him between relaxation and arousal. This approach encourages the child to show an interest in his surroundings, to join in and even to initiate activity while he expresses himself freely and comfortably.

This method is suitable for children with sensory-processing-disorder, communication difficulties (autism), attention and concentration difficulties, mental retardation, hyperactivity or alternatively excessive passivity, etc

What it looks like

The room is divided into two, one black room and one white room.

The black room has special lighting and a number of phosphorus visual stimuli. This room is used as a gradual passageway between the daily environment and the white room. As such the black room is in itself a therapeutic environment for some of the children receiving therapy.

The white room gives the feeling of being in wonderland. The floor and walls are covered with soft and comfortable white mattresses. The room is partially lit with dim and special lighting and in the background quiet and relaxing music is playing. In this room, a selection of visual equipment works on the sensory system.

How is a treatment carried out?

The therapist regulates the type, power and amount of sensory stimuli by observing and listening to the needs and desires of the child and accompanies him through the experience without directing and leading the child’s actions. The method is based on the assumption that when a person feels safe and is given freedom to choose what to do they tend to initiate and acquire the ability to find answers for themselves.

At the end of the treatment, the therapist helps the child to process the experience he has had in order to learn from him how he can interpret and transfer the experience learned from the room to the outside world.

Benefits of the method

  • Improve attention and concentration
  • Improves senses and sensory balance
  • Reduces tension and states of stress
  • Increases awareness, enjoyment and relaxation
  • Improves communication skills
  • Improves balance and movement
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Improves adaptability to changes
  • Provides a safe environment for activities
  • Encourages trust

Who are the therapists?

The staff are all professionals who have experience with special needs children and have been trained in “Snoezelen” therapy at the Trump National Institute at Beit Issie Shapiro.

Frequency of treatment: according to the recommendations of the professional staff but at least once a week.

Duration of activity in the Snoezelen room: 40 minutes

Who do we treat?

* Children, youth and adolescents who participate in our after school activities programs and the “Sleepover Program”

*The Snoezelen Room offers sensory stimulation to children, who do not regularly participate in the Center’s enrichment activities. Within this warm and safe environment, these students can find the right balance between relaxation and arousal, which enables them to express themselves freely and more confidently.

For further information please contact:

Telephone: 04-8107922 / 04-8377139, fax: 04-8381485


The Snoezelen room at Gan Hayeled Haifa has a modern design, and is equipped with the best devices of visual stimuli.