A message from the founder

A message from the Founder and Honorary President of the Association

I quickly learned that when the school day was over, the child who had been the center of attention and for whom everything was done in order to help him overcome his challenges, returned home to social solitude and devoid of activities which are part of the life of a regular child.

Parents do not always have the tools to deal with this reality. It was clear to me that a framework had to be found where a child suffering from development deficiencies can enjoy leisure time activities, in a form of a social club such as enjoyed by other children who attend youth movements or other activities.
Children who travel each day to the special education schools which are far from their neighborhood usually feel alien to and rejected by the children of their age who play in their neighborhood.

Gan Hayeled is supposed to give the solution to this problem. Indeed, Gan Hayeled has become the place where the child feels he belongs, where he is surrounded by warmth and love, where activities are provided which meet his needs and his abilities without competition and without feeling inferior.
Over the years we have developed and opened various enrichment programs designed to improve the child's abilities and skills and bring him enjoyment.

Today, with a sense of great satisfaction, I am grateful to the devoted team of volunteers and thank them for the supportive atmosphere they provide for the children which has resulted in “Gan Hayeled” becoming a home for hundreds of children and youth who enjoy its services.


Michael Brenner
Honorary President of the Association