The sleepover Program

Everybody needs a break

Parents of children and adults with special needs who want to preserve a normal family life sometimes need time for leisure and rest in order refill their batteries and take care of themselves or other family members.The participants, who leave their parents for a short period of time, enjoy spending quality time with friends of their own age in a calm and quiet atmosphere surrounded by nature, close to the beach and the Carmel Forrest.At the same time they develop their social skills, strengthen their self-image and improve their ability to function independently.

The Sleepover Program Activities

During the week and each weekend, Gan Hayeled Haifa becomes a hostel. Groups of 12-20 children, resident in Haifa, the suburbs, all with special needs and functioning at different levels come to enjoy the weekend which includes a night sleeping at the Center.

During the sleepover we hold social activities including: joint meals, games to consolidate friendships, activities in the heart of nature such as hiking, camping, extreme sports and visits to the neighboring zoo. Participants of the Sleepover Program also enjoy the music, arts and computer rooms at the Center and follow animal therapy at our Animal Corner.

The children and youth take part in shifts, helping the instructors to prepare meals and arrange the rooms. They learn to take care of themselves as far as personal hygiene is concerned and improve their life skills.

The adolescents have the possibility to participate with others of their age in leisure time activities. Accompanied by instructors, they visit the bowling club, coffee shops and walk around different areas of Haifa.

Activity Days of the Sleepover Program

* The Sleepover Program operates on a weekend from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon to groups selected according to age, skills and preferences.

* During the week the program is open to children who come to the various after-school activities at the end of the school day. The children remain at the center when the afternoon activities are over and the following day they are returned to their schools.

Information and Reservations

Children, youth, adolescents and adults of all ages from all parts of the country whom the Ministry of Welfare recognize as retarded or autistic are entitled to 14 day-breaks a year. The program is also suitable to all populations of people whose special needs have been diagnosed by the Ministry of Welfare even though it was determined that they were not entitled to this service.

For reservations and enquiries with regard to the structure of the group, activities and preferences, please contact Gan Hayeled Haifa Center,

Tel: 04-8107922 04-8377139, fax 04-8381485.


Information can also be obtained from the social worker of the Welfare department where the participant or the group resides.

The cost includes the participation of the Welfare Ministry and the local authority to which the participant belongs as well as the partial participation of the family according to their economic situation.