Donate to Gan Hayeled

Gan Hayeled is supported in part by official institutions such as The Ministry of Welfare and the Haifa Municipality.

The participation fees paid by the parents are not practical in many cases due to the severe economic hardship of the families, therefore, the Association requires additional financial assistance to permit children, youth and adolescents with special needs to enjoy the leisure time enrichment activities.

Gan Hayeled Haifa - disabled children’s playground association, is a registered Association No. 58-003-805-7

Donations are recognized by Article 46 of the income tax authorities to be tax deductible.

Donations can be made in the following ways:
1. Using a credit card over the phone to one of the following numbers:

8377139 – 04
8107922 – 04
3900777 – 052

2. Donation by mail:

Checks made out to the order of “Gan Hayeled Haifa at the following address:

Post Box 6740
Haifa 3106701

Additional options for donations
Supporting the cost of a program:

  • An overnight stay at the Center during the week or in the weekend 750 NIS
  • One month's return transport to and from the Center for one participant–1,000 NIS
  • Participation in the various after school activities for one child for a month – 600 NIS
  • Cost of 1 hour's therapy for one child in the "Snozelan" room - 250 NIS
  • * 10 day summer camp for one child – 2,100 NIS

Donation on the occasion of a family event

  • In memory of a close family member.
  • On the occasion of a birthday or Bar/Bat Mitsva

A personal greeting card will be sent to the person orfamily specified in the donation on behalf of Gan Hayeled.

Relatives can perpetuate the names of loved ones by donating to a specific project.
All donations are received with our grateful thanks.