After school activities

Every child in the world has the right to play and spend time with other children of his age, but a child with special needs who suffers from retardation, autism, learning difficulties or behavioral and social difficulties often finds himself alone. He is not able to take part in activities such as regular children do.

A variety of enrichment activities at the Gan Hayeled Center and its branches permits children, youth and adolescents with special needs to spend time with other children of their age in the afternoons outside of school.
The activities allow them to develop their social skills and enjoy their leisure time as regular children do.

Children who learn in the special education schools of “Szold” and “Ganigar” come to Gan Hayeled’s center at the end of the school day.

At the center they receive a light meal and stay until late afternoon when they are returned to their homes by organized transport.

This gives the children a rich social frame during the afternoons and gives the parents the possibility of working longer hours as well as devoting more to other siblings in the family or to themselves.

Like any normal child, the children participate in a variety of activities such as: movement, extreme sports, music, art, animal therapy, computers, gardening and, if necessary, private therapy in the “Snoezelen” room.