Today we know that using music can help a person with special needs communicate emotionally and socially with the outside world.

The music room at Gan Hayeled is equipped with a variety of percussion instruments, a selection of drums, an electric keyboard, guitars and audio equipment.
The activities are held in small groups enabling the children with special needs to make friends with other children in the group. Each child, according to his ability, can join in and enjoy the musical activity by tapping time, playing an instrument, singing or dancing.

At the Haifa and the Krayot center of Gan Hayeled we hold drumming sessions for our younger and older participants.

Drumming gives all children & youth a voice, and is accessible and allows non-verbal communication. Children love it because drumming is fun and involves them physically through their senses. They experience an increase in self-esteem, confidence and ability to focus.

Our adult drummers band play occasionally in Gan Hayeled’s Annual Gala event and is very successful.