Development and training of physical skills related to body movement of people with special needs improves their physical abilities, flexibility, breathing, posture, coordination and helps them acquire social skills thereby strengthening their self-image.

The movement room at Gan Hayeled is equipped with various types of physical education equipment such as: balls, rings, mattresses, ladders and colorful “Jamboree” equipment which provide the children with enjoyment and motivation during the activities.

The activities are held in small groups. The instructors use physical activities and games, with an emphasis on strengthening and improving basic physical abilities such as jumping, balancing gait, strengthening muscles and developing agility.

During these physical activities, the staff combines competition and sociability in order to encourage teamwork and increase emotional expression ability.

While the youngsters participate in movement classes, the older once are training in football at the Reali sports field, and the adult group has a basketball class every week.