Apartment For Life

The Gan Hayeled association operates an "Apartment for Life" project in Haifa,

continuing to accompany our adults on their way to an independent life in the community.
Today, three apartments in the Carmel area are managed, for young people and adults with mild developmental disabilities.
Up to six tenants live in each apartment and manage an independent home life under the guidance of the professional staff of the Gan Hayeled.
The tenants come from all over the country, and we at the Gan Hayeled provide them with life skills that allow them to lead an independent social and community life according to the abilities of each one of them.
The atmosphere is familiar, combining work and employment, social life, life skills, leisure activities and community integration.

The staff maintains close and ongoing contact with the parents of the tenants and their families.
The House for Life operates with the professional and administrative staff of the Haifa “Gan Hayeled” association, and benefit from all the association’s services , financed and supervised by the Ministry of Welfare.
We believe that it is important to mantain the therapeutic sequence acquired over the years in the activities of “Gan Hyeled”, until they reach maturity and independent living in the community.

Coordinator of the housing system: Natalie Roda
Phone: 04-8377139
Email: nataliroda159@gmail.com