The Haifa Gan Hayeled Center

The Haifa Gan Hayeled Center is located in the Carmel Center next to the public zoo and is open each day of the week and on weekends. Its different programs offer a wide variety of leisure time therapeutic enrichment activities.

During school hours, the Center welcomes special education students from therapeutic kindergartens and remedial classes from across the Haifa school district. A team of therapists and professional caregivers, employed by the Ministry of Education, conduct with these students multidisciplinary experiential learning activities within a warm and supportive environment, using techniques that are not always possible to implement within traditional learning settings.

*During the week children from the “szold” and “Genigar” school come to the Center. In the evenings we hold a social club for adolescents and young adults living in their parent’s home and in sheltered housing.

*On weekends and during the week children participate in our Sleepover programs activities, and during school vacations we hold Holiday Camps.

The equipment in the activity rooms at the center is adapted to children with special needs and provides space for enrichment activities such as: computers; music; art; movement, an innovative “Snoezelen” room and a virtual reality room. A large spacious hall is available for gatherings. A complete floor is dedicated for the “Sleepovers” and Vacation facilities. The center is surrounded by natural woods and cultivated gardens, and in the playground one can find the play corner, and the gardening and animal corner.

The “Savion” Branch at Kiriat Haim

At Kiriat Haim the Association operates a secondary center which is used as a:

*After school activities for students who attend the special education school "Regavim", residing in the Krayot. The center operates three times a week. We hold the same enrichment activities as at our Haifa Center however the children come to the Haifa Center for the Sleep over programs.

*A social club and enrichment center for youth, adolescents and adults with special needs residing in the Krayot and surrounding areas. The center operates four times a week during the late afternoons.