Animal Corner

Animal Corner Activities

Animals accept us as we are and we take on ourselves to be concerned about them and love them. Activities with animals give a lot of pleasure and satisfaction to people with special needs and with their help, an atmosphere of close cooperation can be created. The children relax when caressing the animals and learn to create a positive relation with them and the surroundings. Such interactions strengthen the self-image and improve feelings of self-worth.

Gan Hayeled has operated the Animal Corner for many years and has a wide variety of animals such as: donkeys, rabbits, hamsters, goats and ducks. Some of the animals are kept in cages and can be observed and some are available to be caressed and played with..

Whilst working in the Animal Corner, the children learn about their surroundings, about development life cycles and themselves. They are open to new experiences, learn to love animals and develop a sense of responsibility whilst taking care of them and cleaning their cages.

The Animal Corner adjacent to the Center offers both one-on-one and small group activities conducted by trained instructors.