About us

Gan Hayeled is an enrichment social center for children, youth and adolescents with special needs and their families. The center was established in 1977 by Mrs. Michal Brener together with representatives of voluntary organizations, the Ministry of Education and Haifa Municipality.

The purpose of "Gan Hayeled" is to provide those with special needs who come to us a warm social environment with high-quality enrichment activities whilst teaching them life skills and to provide parents with a break from the burden of caring for their children.
The uniqueness of "Gan Hayeled" lies in the emphasis placed on teaching social skills in small groups from the youngest age with the aim of imparting life and social skills that will help them in the future to reach functional independence.

Where we are?

Gan Hayeled is located in Haifa in the public park near the Carmel Center and is close to the zoo and the Lotem Valley. The Center was planned to respect the natural surroundings both from the interior and exterior thus ensuring the children with a calm and peaceful environment.
In addition, Gan Hayeled runs an activity center at Kiryay Haim for children who learn in the special education school of “Regavim”, and an adult social club for residents with special needs of the Krayot and the Haifa suburbs.

Target participants and activities
350 children, youth and adolescents resident in Haifa and its suburbs take part in the various activities provided by “Gan Hayeled”. They represent the spectrum of Israeli society though some are from families with low socio-economic backgrounds.

  • In the mornings children from the special education framework come for enrichment activities and therapy.
  • In the afternoons we run a variety of recreational programs as part of a longer school day.
  • In the evenings we run a social club for teenagers and adolescents.
  • During the week and weekends we provide short Sleepovers.
  • During the summer and Passover vacations we hold holiday camps for both autistic children and children in special education.